Because waiting is almost never enjoyable , there are designers who created ingenious bus stops for that waiting wouldn’t be a torment. We did a Top 5 with the most creative designs of bus stops around the world.

1. Konagai , Nagasaki ( Japan )

These 16 bus stops in Konagai have fun ways of fruit: strawberries, watermelons , tomatoes , lemons and oranges. They were originally built for the Travel Expo 1990, with the idea of ​​attracting tourists to the island. A funny installation will do of every trip a unique experience.

2 . Liberec ( Czech Republic )

“Stop” , designed by David Černý , the “enfant terrible” of the Czech art , has a table-shape, which holds some jars of beer, a cactus and a head served with a knife and fork. On one side of the installation is located an open can, under the table is a row of chairs for passengers.

3. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The bus system in Dubai, managed by Roads and Transport Authority moves to 30 million passengers each week. Being seasonal, a country so hot, the capsules are glass and steel with air conditioning to the waiting time becomes enjoyable.

4. Athens, Georgia (USA)

The installation of this bus stop in Athens, United States was sponsored by the Athens Area Arts Council at a cost below $8,000. This stop, built with the remains of 3 school buses of the 60’s and 70’s was designed by artists Macy Danica, Bevecca Durr, Dale Prior and Steve Shilman. It was one of the winners.

5. Swing Bus Stop (London)

This fun bus stop is located in London. The design of Bruno Taylor and without a perfect idea of ​​entertainment for passengers awaiting the arrival of the bus for them.

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Source and images: ©Creatividads

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