I have a special connection with my sister, but we have seven years of difference, the age difference is less noticeable each time and each time we get better. Sibling we understand we have the same roots, the same education and share the same gestures and even the same way of thinking and acting. Although coexistence is not easy all the time , and may even cause problems , we can not deny that the blood called whenever we are together. That’s why this is on top 5 couples who in addition to being brothers , have revolutionized the art world :

  1. The Revueltas: These four brothers permeated the art world almost entirely: music, dance, painting and writing. The members: Fermín Revueltas (great muralist); Silvestre Revueltas (composer and violinist); Jose Revueltas (writer and politician) and Rosaura Revueltas (dancer and actress).
  2. The Coen: Filmmakers Joel David and Ethan Jesse Coen, have in their history several Academy Awards. Together they collaborate on writing, producing and directing. These brothers have earned the nickname of “two-headed director”.
  3. The Greenwood: Colin is the Radiohead’s bassist and one of its founders. Jonny on the other hand, is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist of the same band. Jonny besides being considered the creative head of Radiohead, is a composer of contemporary classical music.
  4. The Grimm: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two German writers who revolutionized the way of telling stories to children, collecting some, and rewriting wonderful fairy tales which still continue in our imagination. 
  5. The Limbourg: Jehannequin Hertmant and Pol Limbourg were Flemish miniaturists and great representatives of Gothic art. Were placed at the service of the Duke of Berry for whom conducted the famous The Very Rich Hours, a book of devotion that began in 1413 but could not be ended by death, both of the brothers, as the Duke.

Market Data: The music of Silvestre Revueltas was not appreciated until 50 years after his death, being considered the only composer of genius who has had Mexico. While his brother Fermin, was one of five young artists commissioned by José Vasconcelos, to paint the walls of the National Preparatory School. And in 2014 is celebrated the centenary of the birth of José Revueltas.

Source and images: ©Radiohead, ©Imdb

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