Over time, a greater or lesser extent, the man has taken elements of nature and has mixed them with his feelings and different techniques for making art. From the Renaissance to the Land Art, nature has been important for the artist. We present a top 5 with the best pieces that combine art and nature.

  1. Robert Smithson. Spiral Jetty: This contemporary artist associated with the Land Art made ​​this great work in 1970 in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, into the lake with a spiral of 5,000 tons of black basalt blocks in the opposite direction to clockwise.
  2. Olga Ziemska. The Tree told me so…: Public art and sculpture is present in Olga Ziemska work. In this work she tries to describe how art can be a tool for understanding the nature of life, with a long driveway made ​​of sand, wood, photos, metal and mirrors.
  3. Martin Hill. 2000 Circules: A sphere made ​​of perforated snow melts with nature to create one of his ephemeral sculptures. Martin Hill has directed his art in making environmental sculpture to bring back the man with nature.
  4. Kathy Klein. Flower Mandalas: So simple yet complex as nature, mandalas are symbolic representations of the macro and microcosm. The art of Kathy Klein reminds us of the complexity and beauty of nature with these mandalas made ​​with flowers.
  5. Andy Goldsworthy. Natural Sculptures: Goldworthy performs various collaborations with nature, producing works of art personal and intense, using a variety of natural materials such as snow, ice, leaves and branches, to create outdoor sculptures that express sympathy and contact with nature.

Source and images: ©Robert Smithson, ©Olga Ziemska, ©Martin Hill, ©Katy Klein, ©Andy Goldsworthy

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