TOMAAS: 20/20

Throughout his career, the visionary photographer Tomaas, has created fashion photographs, with a cinematic look, both surreal and realistic, as well as images of beauty. His cutting-edge style is vibrant and dramatic. We had already shown you one of his funniest and sweeteners series: Candy Warhol. This time we bring you his series 20/20 where the model Hannah Kern (Trump Models Agency), features the best in eyewear design. Makeup was provided by Fiona Thatcher and hairstyles were created by Seiji Uehara. During the past 18 years, Tomaas has lived in the city of New York. He has recently been living between Paris, Milan and Hamburg. We invite you to see his series Plastic Fantastic, which we presented in our print edition “Consciousness”.

Source and images: ©Tomaas

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