If we had the chance to attribute a color to each month of the year, February would be red. Love, romance and flowers belong to this date and as a pretext choose Tim Walker, our favorite photographer, to illustrate this day so iconic in popular culture. Tim Walker has a long career in publishing, in its many wanted to delve into two portfolios: Red Hot (December 2012 at W Magazine) and Fantasia (December 2013 at Vogue UK). What is special about these two editorials? Plus they have the presence of Marion Cotillard, Kate Moss and John Galliano, alternative and romantic atmosphere that project completely out of the ordinary. At Red Hot, Marion Cotillard’s beauty goes to another level with the couture designs of Dior, Lanvin, Gaultier Paris, Chanel and Valentino. The strange flirtation with a nutcracker puts a twist to the series and at the time, was an unusual scene in full holiday season. To Fantasia, the vibe of the 20’s and the Russian ballet framed Kate Moss and John Galliano. The explosion of the elements like the piano, music and even the color framing the attraction between the two characters is inherently reflects a lot of emotion and passion.

Source and images: © Tim Walker 

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