Thomas Jackson was born in Pennsylvania and was grown up in Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated as historian in the College of  Wooster and then spent some time developing a career as editor and critic of books and magazines. His particular interest in photography books provoked in him the desire to take a camera. At the beginning he was dedicated to shoot street photos in the style of Garry Winogrand, then shoot landscapes an finally he created installations as the ones in our photogallery. His work has been exhibited at the Center for Book Arts, in New York, and in the Governors Island Art Fair, at the Gallery at Ephoymy and Brooklyn and Industrial Superstudios, in New York. He is part of the Top 50 of Photography Critics in 2012. Jackson also won the category of “installation/still-life” of PND The Curator, in 2013.  He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

The Robot Book from Thomas Jackson on Vimeo.

Source and images: ©Thomas Jackson

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