Surely you remember the comic strip in 1929 and popularized both spinach and its benefits … “Popeye the Sailor”, in which the sailor lived adventures of love and hate with Olivia, his baby Cocoliso and clear, his closest rival, Brutus, who could always overcome by this iron-rich vegetables. Popeye proved a resounding success with a bound to the TV series and big screen in the ’80s. Disney Pictures co-produced the musical film by Robert Altman and starring by Robin Williams (as Popeye), which was shot on the beautiful island of Malta in the village Sweethaven, magnificent scenery that we show in our photo gallery, full of ocean county homes small and a beautiful ocean view. At the time of the film, the town was adapted and after scenically beautiful visual result the town people decided that this would remain. Thus tourists who go to Malta every year, visit the county knowing as “The Popeye Village”.

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