This month and Mexican celebrations are the perfect excuse to open our ears to the great wave of musical ideas developed in our country. This time we introduce The Plastics Revolution, a band formed by Ferdinand Von Heftye, Charlitzer Van Der Bronson, Plastics Gut Van Zänt and Alec Von Julyson. Several years of friendship and a concert by the Flaming Lips were the ingredients that resulted in the start of Plastics Revolution in 2007. With an interesting proposal that fuses elements of synth pop, alternative rock and electronic touches, this Mexican band manages to sound cool, funny and identifiable captured on two records: The Plastics Revolution (2008) and King Bono vs Los Flight Simulators (2012). All this makes of The Plastics Revolution a worthy representative of great moment in the independent scene that exists in Mexico. As we await the release of Natsuko, the new album, we can hear the first single with the same name:

This is part of the documentary made by Discoteca:

And finally, the video made by La Blogothèque  in its purest style from thetrajineras:

Source and images: The Plastics Revolution

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