With a musician father and painter mother, the Pierce sisters were always surrounded by a creative atmosphere that fostered their artistic side. From an early age, Catherine and Allison Pierce got involved in music. Then went into the world of Ballet and both became talented dancers. However, at the end they chose music as a profession. This band has been in the music world from 2000, when they released their debut album The Pierces, but without much success. The band’s career took off slowly, their following albums were Light of the Moon in 2005 and Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge in 2007. But in 2008 decided to separate because they thought their career was not given enough fruit. This separation only lasted one night and the next day received a call from Guy Berryman, Coldplay bassist, who was interested in them. The Pierce took this as a sign that they should stay together. Later, Berryman produced their album and released You and I. Their career took a turn and defined their style: bohemian pop band that goes back to the 70s, with hints of folk and guitar and tambourine always present. Their aesthetic is psychedelic hippie with chic details, the music is organic and feels natural. Their songs have been included in TV shows like Gossip Girl and as central theme of Pretty Little Liars. Besides being on tour in the UK, their latest album, Creation, will be released on September 1. This is the first single from the album, entitled Kings:

Source and images: ©The Pierces y The Pierces Facebook

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