The “Museum of Tomorrow” is the first ecological museum in Rio de Janeiro. This is a smooth, low building with cantilever deck to be located on the waterfront of Rio. This museum was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava that was inspired by the Atlantic forest in the region to design it. The work is part of the Puerto Maravilla, launched in 2009 in order to recover a central region in which live just 20,000 people. It will be part of a square with a garden and ponds. The idea is that visitors enter into a kind of portico, where thinking about the future is one of the primary objectives. This narrative is a structure of four stages: first, the cosmos, and second, the context, showing where we live and the emergence of culture, third, the description of the present and the transformations of the planet by man until, finally, the exploration of tomorrow. Everything will be counted from the most modern audiovisual, interactive graphics and multidimensional. In the “Museum of Tomorrow” will present exhibitions on science, technology and knowledge with the aim of raising awareness about the needs of the future to take more environmental skills and attitudes.

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