In recent years photographs have been purchased in millions because of its artistic and conceptual importance conceptual. We present the most expensive in history.

  • Georgia O’Keefe, Hands (1919) by Alfred Stieglitz. This snapshot exceeded 1 million at auction.
  • Kremlin of Tobolsk (2009) by Dmitry Medvedev. Incredibly, the author of one of the most expensive in history is the former president of Russia. Medvedev took this panorama of the ancient fortress of Tobolsk in 2009. The cost of selling 1.5 millions.
  • Untitled (Cowboy) (2001) is a photograph of Richard Prince, American photographer and painter. This photograph sold at auction in 2001 by Sotheby’s managed to reach about half a millions. In it we see a Cowboy, emblematic image of the quintessential American male figure.
  • Untitled 96 (1981) belongs to a series of photos by American artist Cindy Sherman. In 2011 it was sold at $ 3,890,500.00. The importance of these images lies in the use of the artist herself. In them, the American artist is shown holding a newspaper classified ad lying on the floor of a kitchen.
  • 99 Cent II Diptycho of Andreas Gursky, a picture is divided into two parts which are sold at $ 3,346,456.00. It shows the inside of a supermarket. The perspective of the image was digitally altered so that it could fully appreciate the detail.
  • The pond monlight (1904) by Edward Steichen is the image of a pond in the light of the moon. This photograph was sold at $ 2,928,000.00 in February 2006.
  • Athènes, Temple of Jupiter olympien pris de l’est (1842) by Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, is one of the earliest daguerreotypes of Greece. Christie’s auctioned it in 2003, in $ 916,122.00.
  • Identical Twins (1967) Diana Arbus, is a striking photograph of two identical twins, possibly inspired Stanley Kubrick for the terrible twins to appear in the movie “The Shining”. In 2004 Sotheby’s sold this photograph at 478,000.000.
  •  Dovima with elephants (1955) by Richard Avedon was sold at $ 1,151.976.00.
  • Untitled # 5 (1997) by Andreas Gursky was sold in February 2011 at 1,514,408.00.
  • Moonrise (1948) by Ansel Adams sold at $ 609,600.00 in 2006.

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