“The greatest disorder of the mind is to believe that things are in a certain way, because we want them so are”. Jacques Bossuet Benigne

The mind has always been a mystery to man, there are philosophers who say it is a bridge between the human and the divine. Others consider it an ally and at the same time an enemy. Erika Dueck is a visual artist from Manitoba, who created the installation The ephemeral mind inspired by his conception of the memories. The project exposes thought as a living information received regular visits to maintain the availability of information. If memories are placed in a room and not accessed often, a person might forget the existence of an entire room and his memories. To prevent this loss, Dueck suggests regularly perform “memory cleaning” systematically review important “files” and thus afford to keep some. Here the question would be what memories you want to keep? What really worth it?

Source and images: © Erika Dueck

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