The Manta Resort is a tourist destination with several rooms located on the Indian Ocean island of Pemba. It is an excellent resting place that offers breathtaking natural vistas to relax its guests. The atmosphere is offered exclusively underwater, because its structure made of local hardwoods is floating. Manta Underwater offers three different display levels, being able to see the ocean and marine species through its windows and the splendor of the horizon. The Manta Resort offers privacy for a romantic adventure or to have all the peace and quiet of this island, surrounded by vital element par excellence. Rooms offer various facilities, with a choice of six spacious villas overlooking the sea, air conditioning. The approximate price of a night in these villas is $450. It also offers the possibility of a garden room for $300 to a little more spacious horizon level or a higher high perfect for families or groups of people for $360. A paradise for the Indian Traveller.

Source and images: ©The Manta Resort

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