On Monday, one of the major publishing platforms and content management turned 10 years old. WordPress, like Google and Blogger are content dissemination channels that allow you to interact and connect with the audience. With different themes, genres and focuses, blogs are part of everyday users. They were the first virtual spaces are the antecedent expression and social networks. From the May 27, 2003 created from b2/cafelog disappeared, WordPress has become one of the most used platforms for content management and publishing. Matt Mullenweg is the main developer of the platform, though much of the project lies in its community partnerships. Among them are the testers, a group of people who spend time and effort on a voluntary basis to test each release. Despite its success, WordPress continues to face security problems. In April 2011, was the victim of a computer attack that lasted several weeks and affected thousands of users around the world.

Source and images: @abc_tecnologia

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