The designer Antonio Saldana began his career in 1993 , working for the National Volunteers, the following year he entered the Universidad del Valle de Mexico for a degree in Graphic Design. At the same time, he began studies in Pictorial Graphic Expression Techniques at the Academia de San Carlos . In 1998 he graduated with honors from his high academic achievement, and immediately was accepted for the position of Creative Visualizator at the  advertising agency in AR Weizner, which held until 1999 when he decided to travel to Barcelona to learn drawing. In Spain was associated with Rocarbert Bernat artists, Mario Soria and Nuria Oriols, who taught him the relationship between design and art. In 2000 he returned to Mexico. A few weeks later, Adriana Castro G. General Director of Circulo Grafico, design branding and communication agency, that specializes in developing creative concepts for large companies offered the position of Creative, which served for four years until he was accepted for the “PhD in Art Restoration in the Universidad Politecnica of Valencia, one of the most important institutions in this field. Since 2004 the concept of graphic design for Toño was enriched with training he received in the seven years he lived in Spain: marketing, management, protocol, painting restoration, furniture restoration, design and illustration and what would be his new tool: photography. In Valencia, he met the restorer Ana Reyes, one of the most important masters in gold and polychrome Amparo Alós who teamed to work with artists such as hyper-realistic painter Enrique Senís O. In Valencia, Toño worked as art director for the entrepreneur Victor Calazans, who is in charge of the fashion shows in the city. With Victor learned to run models and because he managed to apply his knowledge in photography . In 2008 Adriana Castro was invited to develop the image of the Mexican remake of the Argentinean soap-opera ” Ugly Duckling” which was called ” Dare to Dream”. In late 2009 Toño married his partner of five years, Jorge de Mingo, and in 2011, by the severe economic crisis that broke out in Europe, they decided to settle for a season in Mexico City. Since then, Toño, realized that there were not specialized designers to solve communication problems for artists. The flutist and director Horacio Franco gave him his first opportunity in this field. Then came Ivonne Guevara (ex Flans) for the development of her new album for H3A project, the photographer Gabriel Pineda and the sculptor Jorge Marin. Arturo Plancarte, entrepreneur and cultural events representative invited Toño to join the Marketing and Cultural Management Agency “M&GC”, a place where currently continues his work of graphic designer, preparing his third photographic project.

Source and images: ©Antonio Saldaña

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