Chef Nadia Santini is the spoiled chef of Italy is considered the best chef in the world. Her culinary talent has led her to win the Michelin guide, which has been commissioned to reward her for her restaurant Dal Pescatore, one of the world’s top fifty. In 1996, three stars shone in the sky of Santini, becoming the first Italian woman in the guide. The reason: a perfect fusion of traditional Italian cuisine and modern influences and the constant support of her family. But her success was not only forged. Santini dedicated her achievements “to my family working with me, my husband Anthony, my extraordinary children Giovanni, who runs the kitchen with me, and Alberto, who manages the room and takes care of the wine”, added the award-winning chef. Dal Pescatore, was founded in 1925 by the family of her husband, and she has become a quintessential family heritage, prototypical model way of doing business in Italy. With legendary recipes, created by Nonna Bruna, mother of Santini, the atmosphere surrounding the restaurant is welcoming and helpful.

Source and images: ©  Dal Pascatore

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