We’ve compiled a list of talented and professional women.

The first woman we pay tribute is Annie Leibovitz. An American photographer born in Connecticut in 1949. Since 1977, photojournalism agency Contact Press Images represents her work. Annie was the first woman to exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. She is the highest paid photographer internationally, has worked for Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair. Leibovitz specializes in celebrity portraits, although she has exercised documentary and landscape picture. She was the last woman to photograph John Lennon before his assassination in 1980. She has been awarded multiple times. In 1984 was honored by the American Association of Magazine Editors as Photographer of the the year. She was also honored in 1988 with the Clio Award for the campaign she did for American Express. In 2000, the Library of Congress named “Living Legend” and in 2005, American Photo magazine named her the most influential photographer of our time. Since Annie was in high school, she became interested in various artistic endeavors. In 1967 she entered the Art Institute of San Francisco to train as a teacher, but her interest in photography came in a dark room an air base in the Philippines where her father was chosen to participate in the Vietnam War. In 1971 she graduated from Fine Arts at the Art Institute of San Francisco. In the 70s she worked at Rolling Stone magazine, in the 80s and to date has worked for Vanity Fair. Annie Leibovitz has three wonderful daughters: Sarah Cameron (2001) and twins Susan and Samuelle (2005).

We share with you a photo gallery with her work.

Source and images: ©Annie Leibovitz

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