Technology advances but does not advances equality for all. The market offers a huge range of different colors for our Smartphones and other systems. However, our society forgets some small groups who do not have access to technology, whether for economic, access to information and a large part by disabilities. Emphasizing this last point, it is ironic that so much progress do not focus on improving the quality of life for people with vision problems. Concerned about this situation, Sumit Dagar from India designed the first braille Smartphone. The phone still has no official name, containing a screen composed of a grid of pins that move up and down to form shapes and Braille characters when a text message or an email is received. The device uses technology called Shape Memory Alloy, in which each pin retracts it expands to its original flat shape. The process of this project has been long and fruitful, later this year is expected that braille mobile goes on sale at an approximate cost of $ 185.

Source: ©Sumit Dagar

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