Suresh Natarajan is an Indian photographer based in Mumbai dedicated to fashion photography and Bollywood industry. His work is inspired and impressive, full of compositions with perfect lighting and lit effects that catch the eye of the viewer. The artist is known for his dedication and use of rich colors, textures highlighted, attention to detail and beauty in each series. Natarajan’s work has been published in important fashion magazines, and his job is quoted for major jewelery brands and advertising in general. His compositions are carefully planned and meticulously executed, each part has a reason, resulting in unique photographs. Suresh Natarajan production for Tanishq, jewelry company, in which African-American models are highlighted with golden tones, delicate light and dark backgrounds has been a major opening and marks a trademark. In each of his series, brings his unmistakable personality, ands the essence of India.

Source and images: ©SURESH NATARAJAN

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