The Hayam Sun Temple is a project developed by architect Josh Haywood, during a MA stay in Westminster, UK. This “sun temple” is a pavilion that will be built to the Burning Man Festival, a musical event that will gather in the desert to 70,000 spectators. The temple will be erected as an ephemeral structure, where they will be carried out several installations and musical performances. Designed to be a spiritual space within the perimeter which will be held the festival as well as a shelter from the hot sun out there in the desert, this flag will stand just the last six days of August. During the day, the patterns in the wood drilled cast shadows on the ground, while at night, the structure will be lit from within, from each of the pillars. The aesthetics of this ephemeral temple reflects the Islamic geometry and refers to the Alhambra in Spain.

Source and images: ©Josh Haywood vía designboom

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