The photo studio Staudinger + Franke, based in Vienna, created a series of photographs entitled Barrier, in which appear beautiful women submerged in water. According to creative team of Staudinger + Franke, this project combines the feelings of nostalgia and sadness with the presence of beauty and hope. In each image, the models are perfectly made up, some with open eyes and other, with their eyes closed, and always with an almost puritanical style. The water present in each photograph, blurred colors, and sometimes the face of the model is not completely visible.

Staudinger + Franke is a photography studio that usually works publicity campaigns for brands such as HSBC, General Electric, Nike, Coca Cola and Visa. It also develops artistic photographs. It is common in this type of projects, their work with water, as in the case of other portfolios as Stavronikita Project or The Phantasy Fairytales, in which some characters lie on the seabed. These latest productions have been published in several international magazine in art and photography.

Source and images: Staudinger + Franke

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