Hair is an important accessory in the world of fashion. It frames the face and says a lot about us, basically is our cover letter. Maxime Stange and Pauline Darley are only two minds which have a bold style in professional styling. Their series of images, show an alternative conception of “bob” haircut (very popular in the 20’s), made with toothpicks. For the shooting, they combine a strong and very graphic attitude, “supplanting” the hair with two thousand toothpicks in each headdress, simulating shapes, silhouettes and texture of each hair strand. The toothpicks were painted one by one, with a little diluted gouache to make the wood visible, adding texture to the final result. The goal of each design is to recreate the lightness of the hair, and daring haircut, using materials that we would never have thought that could have been used in the styling.

Source and images: © Maxime Stange

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