This year, Cohen’s brothers released Inside Llewyn Davis, a very well received film by critics, and whose story is based in the life of the icon of folk from mid-Twentieth century, the New Yorker Dave van Ronk. Following this story and to rescue the bands of folk rock, this film was released alongside a 14 songs soundtrack, among which highlights an unreleased track entitled Farewell, by another great character from the American folk, Bob Dylan, in addition to reunite the voices of Oscar Isaac (protagonist of the movie), Justin Timberlake, Marcus Mumford and Adam Driver, to name just few. This is a compilation which retakes the purity of this great genre, interpreted by contemporary talents. A soundtrack that deserves to be heard.

Below is Hang Me, Oh Hang Me, a cover of Dave van Ronk sung by the protagonist of the movie Oscar Isaac:

Hear Farewell, the unreleased song by Dylan, recorded during the sessions of his album The Times They Are A-Changin’:

This soundtrack includes an original theme of the peculiar voice which inspired this story: Green, Green Rocky Road by Dave Van Ronk

Source and images: © Inside Llewyn Davis

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