Sotheby’s made ​​profits of approximately $ 235.1 million on Tuesday in an auction early season Impressionist and Modern Art. Of the 60 pieces, 37 were sold in one million while four were sold at more than $ 15 million. This year not overcome the past, which earned an income of $ 330 million (of which $ 119.3 was paid by the famous painting The Scream by Edward Munch). Were auctioned works of George Braque, as (Paysage a la Ciotat, 1907), which was sold to Emmanuel DiDonna for $ 15.845 million. “Collectors have not focused on contemporary art yet”, said Simon Shaw, the director of Sotheby’s. Two of the most important collectors are Alex and Elisabeth House Lewt, whose empire of artworks amounting to $ 86.6 million. In this auction sold some pieces from their collection, including Les Pommes (1889-1890) by Paul Cezanne, at $ 41,605,000 million. L’Amazone (1909) by Amedeo Modigliani reached $ 25,925,000 million in sales. Anmal dans les Fleurs (1952-59), made of pastel watercolors, Marc Chagall, was acquired for $ $ 4,757,000. In the field of sculpture, Le penseur, Taille de la Porte dit Moyen modele (1906) the famous French artist, Auguste Rodin, was acquired by Ben Frija at $ 15,285,000 million. The Collector Yorker Donald Bryant added to his collection a sculpture of Picasso (Sylvette, 1954) for $ 13.605 million. Picasso found a buyer LL Cool J, the famous rapper, who got the oil on canvas Buste d’homme (1969), at $ 9.685 million.

Source and images: © Blouin ArtInfo.

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