Sohpie Delaporte is a French photographer born in Paris in 1971 with great talent for manipulating the color in each of her shots. She has created an aesthetic universe itself applying in each work related to fashion and advertising. She studied photography and film at ENSLL art school in Paris and then moved to London, where she began her work on the dam and publishers such as London Magazone ID, Uomo Vogue Vogue Italy, China and Japan. She has done some solo shows in galleries in New York, London and Paris, precisely in Marion Meyer Gallery, Scream Gallery in London and Sous les Etoiles in NY. Among her clients are Doir, John Galliano, Astier de Villate, Hermès and Jean Paul Gautier. Certainly the color and glamor are present in each photograph.

Source and images: © Sophie Delaporte

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