I’m not stalking you, I’m just socializing. Sophie Calle’s work is notable for its peculiar way of looking at the other and in turn the way it presents herself to the world. In her works not only reveals and questions the primary role of the spectator who is watching, but reverses the roles to the point where the artist now infiltrates the lives of the viewers almost any degree of obsession. Works like Suite Venitienne where follows a man to the end, taking photos and notes from her point of view or Les dormeurs, in which she invited 28 people to sleep in her bed while she photographs them, expose her mania to be explored in the other. While on the other hand works as Take care of Yourself or Exquisite Pain in which expresses different ways of breaking-ups and heartbreaks, she also manages to show “naked” to the other, while the game runs fine line dividing voyeurism with harassment.

Source and images: ©Sophie Calle

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