• Martin Scorsese has not received an Oscar, despite being considered one of the best filmmakers. He has received four nominations as director and two as a screenwriter. By “Gangs of New York” received 10 nominations but no statuette and “Taxi Driver” with four nominations and no Oscars.
  • Orson Welles is another master of cinema, director, actor, producer and screenwriter, recently valued by the Academy only has awarded an Oscar for the screenplay of “Citizen Kane” in 1941.
  • Stanley Kubrick received 13 nominations, five for best screenplay and best director four, but the only Oscar he won was for the special effects in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968. The reason for this is because his unconventional standards and away to Hollywood.
  • Charles Chaplin never received a statuette for his work as an actor or director. However, the Academy awarded two honorary awards, one for his versatility and genius in writing, directing, producing and acting in “The Circus” in 1928, and the second award for helping to film the art form of the 20th-Century . Despite this he was awarded an Oscar in 1973 for best music for “Limelight” (1952).
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor. He has received numerous awards: a Golden Globe for Best Actor for “The Aviator”, a Bear Beach, a Satellite Award, a Chlotrudis Award, but never an Oscar!

Like them, with different kinds of reasons, people like Johnny Depp,  Edward Norton, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close, Harrison Ford, Steve Buscemi, Robert Downey Jr, Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo, Bill Murray and many talented participating in an infinite list, nor get … yet.

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Source: The Oscars 2013 Academy Awards

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