Simone Micheli is one of the most famous interior designers from Italy. In 1990 he founded the firm of architects and designers that bears his name and in 2003 created the project company “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero”. Both institutions are focused on interior design, architectural design and graphic design. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions of design.

Among the most important and innovative designs has made ​​are the B4 Hotel in Milan, Italy, I-FAME Restaurant, the restaurant Gloss, the Incontro Spa, among others. Simone Aesthetics should be a maximalist aesthetic soul with the subtlety of Italian refinement. The new luxury is the thrill of a refined order, sobriety, which induces pleasant stimuli without falling into baroquisms and decorative saturations.

He has won awards as the best interior designer and best Italian apartment by Homes Overseas Award 2007, the International Media Prize 2010 award in the category for the Annual Space Club Award, among others.


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