Traveling by cruise is the trend of the last decade, to degree that has greatly increased the tourism industry worldwide. It is important to consider several factors to make the most of the maritime experience, one of them is the choice of the cruise. There are countless brands and names in the market, within them stands a company of Italian origin: Silversea Cruises. Since 1990 the Lefebvre family, originally from Rome, remains committed to providing and managing the highest quality ships in the ultra-luxury segment. Privacy and exclusivity are paramount in scheduling its trips across the seven continents. To fulfill the dream vacation offers three wonderful expeditions Silver Discoverer, Silver Galapagos and Silver Explorer.

Silver Discoverer, learning on board: A new luxury ship whose charm lies in its exclusive suites , guests are invited to enjoy an enriching program: excursions in inflatable boats and interactive guided walks ashore the best and brightest representatives in their respective fields: marine biologists, ornithologists, geologists, botanists, historians and anthropologists. The Silver Discoverer sail to the farthest corners of the Asian-Pacific region, and will offer the opportunity to discover pristine land that few travelers have come to tread.

Silver Galapagos, natural wonders: Since the Galapagos Islands are such a unique destination and is indispensable in the list of places to visit in the world, Silversea ensures an unforgettable program. To adventurous travelers it offers a chance to enrich their life to admire a wild and pristine paradise that has long been regarded as the natural laboratory of evolution. Includes sessions on land, carefully chosen to show the breathtaking landscapes and interesting cultures of the Andes and the Amazon, while providing the comfort and style that are the hallmarks of Silversea and its guests expect.

Silver Explorer, luxurious adventure: It was baptized by being the first ship of exploration in the Silversea fleet with the name “Prince Albert” in tribute to His Serene Highness Prince Albert II. Silversea continues to honor its legacy of exploration and environmental conservation through support to the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, for this, Silversea organizes frequent onboard events for the benefit of the Foundation.

The shipping company is committed to promoting awareness of the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, which is dedicated to protecting the global environment, focusing on three major challenges: climate change and developing renewable energies: the loss of biodiversity and improving universal access to clean water, and combating desertification.

Source and images: ©Silversea Cruises

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