Shpongle is a project of psychedelic music of English origin formed in 1996. The group is composed by Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram. Shpongle is considered the precursor of the genre psybient, which combines world music with trance psychedelic and ambient. Shpongle is a fusion of traditional music with contemporary vocals and synthesizers. When Simon Posford is asked about the sound of Shpongle and their music, he always answer: like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Simon Posford is responsible for synthesizers, studio work and the instruments are played live, while Raja Ram contributes with musical concepts and flute arrangements. Listening to Shpongle live is a psychedelic sensory experience because the show is no sound textures approaching higher mental states, vocal samples and hallucinations related to the expansion and altered consciousness, for example, the song “A new way to say ‘Hooray”, contains the vocals of Terence McKenna, author of “Plants of the Gods”, in which they describes the effects of DMT. The live show includes lighting and costumes, so it becomes a psychedelic theatrical presentation.


The debut album of Shpongle dates back to 1998 and was entitled Are you Shpongled?, followed by Tales of the Inexpressible in 2001, Nothing Lasts … But Nothing Is Lost in 2005, Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland in 2009, and Museum of Consciousness in 2013. On September 9, 2014, Simon Posford announced that the duo is working on their sixth album.

Shpongle - Are You ShpongledIneffable Mysteries from Shpongleland MUSEUM OF CONSCIOUSNESSShpongle - Tales of the InexpressableNOTHING LASTS...BUT NOTHING IS LOST

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