Shigeko Hirakawa is a Japanese artist who started to create her art with traditional techniques such as painting. In 1983, when she came to France to study art, she decided to radically change of materials, replacing her brushes for plastic, solar cells and water dyes, among others. Her interest for the environment has led her to create beautiful installations, which try to make the spectator conscious of certain processes of nature which are invisible with a naked eye.  One of her greatest and oldest projects Air in Peril, has been updated since 2006. The project tries to make visible the photosynthesis through light sensible plastics, which are hanged from trees. Her most recent project Water Footprint, is a plastic bubble filled with water over which one can walk barefoot. The content of this plastic sphere represents the annual consumption of a French citizen.

Source and images: ©Shigeko Hirakawa

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