After the participation of Toyo Ito (2002) and SANAA firm (2009), formed by Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa, Sou Fujimoto will become the third Japanese architect designing the famous pavillion of Serpentine Gallery in London. With only 41 yeas, he will also be the youngest in to participate in that project, which is considered as one of the most ambitious and innovative architecture programs of its kind. This year, Fujimoto will intervene the 350 of lawn located in front of the gallery with a delicate jalousie formed by 20 mm steel posts. The structure will have a light and semitransparent look, which will allow it to melt with the landscape, as if it were a cloud, and dialogue with classic colums which form the East wing of the gallery. With the main objective of creating a social space which invites the visitors to interact, both with the architecture, and with the gardens –known as Kengsinton Gardens–, the design is based in a geometric environment, of organic shapes, flexible and multifunctional areas. Within the pavillion there will be a café that will work as detonator for a “two people encounter”.

Source and images: ©Serpentine Gallery

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