This September 22nd marks the Car-Free-Day (CFD). Internationally, the energy crisis suffers daily at accelerated. This is why environmental actions as this is done every day. The Car-Free-Day, in recent years, has become an civic importance and has spread to different parts of the world. In 1974, several European governments had the idea of ​​a Car-Free-Day due the energy crisis suffering. At first the cities of La Rochelle (France), Reykvavík (Iceland) and Bath (United Kingdom) took the initiative to apply the Car-Free-Day. As a nationwide campaign, the first country to apply was Britain in 1997. In 2000, the European Commission established as a European initiative. The same year as the World Day is taken and implemented across the continent, extending the activities for a full week. However, the feat was not repeated until the mid-80s, at the initiative of environmental organizations. Later, in the 1990s the action began officially adopted in some cities. Currently being held on September 22, however in some countries the date range to create even weeks devoted to the subject. The main goal of this action is to promote the use of public transport as an alternative means to generate public awareness of the effects on the environment of automobile use, sometimes unnecessary. It also seeks to encourage the use of efficient and sustainable transport, since large cities can not cope with the increasing number of cars.

This day is celebrated not only leaving the car parked, but with exceptional shot you can see on the Internet, for those who live in Mexico City, this is a good and fun option.

Source and imagess: ©ciclismomexico, ©quedesparche, ©ultimahora

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