Korean designers Lee Myung Su, Park Geun Wan & Park have created a fantastic idea for cyclists, as cycling, especially in cosmopolitan cities such as Korea or Mexico City itself, is a challenge. A backpack called Seil Bag, with LED display is a flexible circuit PCB (printed circuit board) that works with two driving modes: the functional and emotional. A part of the pack in the handle is placed as a directional device to indicate to drivers of cars and pedestrians the address is to be taken. The Seil Bag also allows you to indicate when you slow down. And last but not least, has the ability to be activated in emotional mode, and the screen will project emoticons that will appeal to prevention messages. Lee Myung His Design Lab participated and was one of the winners of the German Red Dot Design Award this year for this innovative design.

Source and images: ©Lee Myung Su Design Lab

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