Sarah Louise Johnson is a visionary photographer based in the UK, who is able to translate her passion and out of a location. She studied literature at the University of Lancaster and then Graphic Design at the University of Loughborough, which added an extra dimension to her work. Sarah Louise Johnson is thorough and attentive to every detail, every picture cause great impact and that is why she is known worldwide. She has received several commissions with brands, musicians and artists, and her work has been shown in a variety of publications world-renowned. Her work is characterized by series full of femininity and delicacy as she seeks to detail an almost perfect aesthetics. Sarah Louise Johnson also photographed the Prince of Wales, and made series in the most prestigious locations in London, as Claridges Hotel Savory and Les Ambassadeurs. Her experience is varied so she is able to capture any time anywhere and get wonderful results. She enjoys every shot regardless of the topic being addressed. For her, photography is her passion and she does not see herself doing anything that does not involve being behind the lens.

Source and images: ©SARAH LOUISE JOHNSON

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