Sammezzano Castle, located in the Italian Tuscany, was built in 1605 by order of Ximenes d’Aragona. Surrounded by a large park, the castle is situated precisely in Leccio near Holm, in the town of Regello, 30 kilometers far from Florence. Throughout its history, the castle has witnessed the transition from Charlemagne to the Medici, the Gualtierotti and the Panciatichi. After World War II, it was used as a luxury hotel. In 1999 it was sold at auction for a British company and later was abandoned. In 2012 was formed a tourism committee that brings visitors to this architectural gem. Inside the castle there are 365 different rooms. One of the best attractions in Sammezzano Castle is the Peacock Room, an exquisite space with beautiful colors. Definitely one of the must places to visit in Tuscany.

Source and images: ©I Am Architect

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