” Tepitoexists because it resists ”

Tepito, one of the oldest areas of Mexico City, opens its doors to visitors in a new theatrical work called Safari in Tepito. This unique work introduces the visitor into the world of one of the bravest and dangerous parts of Mexico City, to vindicate the district and its inhabitants. A social exploration directe by Daniel Giménez Cacho, in which the daily life of the local people is portrayed. The project consists of four plays in which the protagonists are four professional actosr and members of four different families respectively. The actor lives a short period with these “adoptive relatives” and then generate a history, the result is a unique work where the visitor becomes an important part of it. “WijkSafari” or “Suburban Safari” is a performance in which professional actors live with families of controversial neighborhoods, and then present a play on the streets of this neighborhood , with that idea Safari in Tepito seeks to bring the theater to places where it normally would not enter.

Source and images: ©Safari in Tepito

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