Polish architects Szotynscy & Zaleski, designed in 2004, this building which looks like a surrealist painting. The Krzywy Domek (Crooked House), is located in the mall Rezydent in Spot, Poland. Szotynscy & Zaleski resumed fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg’s work and architectural works of Gaudi to create this impressive building of 4,ooo square meters. The Krzywy Domek has large windows decorated with stones, blue and green tiles that give the impression of being part of the tail of a dragon. A special feature of this building is that no wall is flat. Its facade gives the appearance of being a house folded in half. Despite looking like a cartoonish building, Krzywy Domek is home to several local and global financial businesses, health and media.

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