Located in Presidente Masaryk St., Polanco, is located a great gastronomic choice: Rubaiyat restaurant. With a unique environment, and an innovative concept, this place has one of the best wine lists in the world, according to one specialized American magazine. Rubaiyat is a gastronomic proposal based in the concept “From the estate to the dish”. It offers Brazilian and Spanish flavors, whit an impeccable taste and presentation which can be enjoyed both, in the terrace or the main salon. The space is also spectacular, with 57 years of experience, Rubaiyat Group serves premium meat cuts which can be enjoyed with one of the more than 700 wines from 15 countries, which are offered in the already famous menu of the group. The diners will enjoy a Brazilian experience since they take their seats and drink the traditional caipirinhas and the best pao de queijo (cheese bread) from all Brazil.

Source and images: Rubaiyat

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