It is likely that everyone at some point in our lives have had a View- Master, this red toy that functioned as a portable 3D photo viewer. Also, it is very likely that you have yet forgotten in some corner with childhood memories. With Image3D You can give it a new life and a new use. On its website and through a series of steps in video, you will be able to create unique and custom rails with your own pictures. To you, you you can add the text you want in 3D. And in case you lost yours, you can purchase a new display for this site. The most popular applications among users are also photo albums, and announcements for birthdays or even weddings, special announcements, and unique gifts, briefcases, school projects and even as CV. The possibilities are endless. This concept was created in 1997 by Rich Dubnow, the famous photographer of 3D rails of the original product. Currently, the concept became a website that can give life to the ideas of many users in the world, although it is an American site, sent to many countries, including Mexico.

Know more here: Image3D

Source and images: Image3D and Image3D FB

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