Recognized as one of the leading artists of Surrealism, the works of Belgian painter René Magritte, who was born in 1898 encourage the viewer to reflect, to find the hidden meaning behind the symbolism strokes and thus question the reality itself. Throughout his career, his was transforming to settle within Surrealism. His aesthetic was influenced by the events that happened in his personal life. Since the tragic death of his mother, his marriage, his failed first exhibition, his meeting with André Breton in 1927 until the World War II and the German occupation of Belgium, his successes and failures defined the artistic path he wanted to follow. In his work, we commonly find covered faces and decontextualized objects which “defy common sense”, forcing the viewer to think differently and on another plane. This is one the most valuable contributions of Magritte: seeing art as a catalyst for introspection and extrospection at once, understanding the outer and inner world in a different way and out of its comfort zone. Today is commemorated the 47th death anniversary of this great artist, who set standards and was true to himself and to his ideals, thus breaking the canons of his time, becoming immortal.

Source and images: ©René Magritte

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