Quentin Shih (Tianjin, 1975) is a Chinese photographer specialized in fashion and advertising. In 1998 he obtained an engineering degree but being so related to photography since his youth it aside to devote himself to this activity up to become one of the most famous photographers worldwide. He has worked for magazines such as Vogue, Nike, Esquire, Siemens and Forbes. In 2007 won the award for Best Photographer of the Year by Esquire magazine. One of his most outstanding projects which have been made ​​for Christian Dior, which titled “The Stranges in the Glass Box”. In this series, the models photographed inside a glass box placed in the context of today’s China, combining the same picture in both worlds.

Quentin Shih has also developed a series of photographs depicting the life of his country, which are usually much more raw and cold that the advertising and fashion photography. Quentin uses digital photography to create these worlds unknown and shadowy.

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