Twenty-three years after their debut with Experience and after six years of dormancy in studio production, The Prodigy returns with their latest release entitled The Day is my Enemy, from which emerges the first single “Nasty”.

© The Prodigy – “Nasty” Cover

While the maximum commercial production of The Prodigy was Music For The Jilted Generation, over the years have shown us that the quality is present in each of their productions, and this time we witnessed a video far from bringing us a lively visual approach offers us a critical, with the release of the video to three months in the general election in the UK, where they discussed the visible class differences, especially with foreign investors, whose presence in the video is represented by the fox, shouting to the upper class “I’m not a tourist” with the voice of Maxim, and manipulating them at the end.

If you want to buy The Day is my Enemy is now available both in EP and digital, through various online stores we already know.  Certainly for those who follow them for several years, they will bring us good surprises.

Source and images: The Prodigy

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