Play Me is a proposal of civil partnership Crescendi and the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City, which proposes filling public space with color, textures and shapes, with twenty pianos placed in specific locations. With this initiative, the Ministry of Culture, joins to the first edition of Toca conmigo, Mexican version of Play me I’m yours, by British Luke Jerram. This piece has been hugely successful in cities such as London, Paris, New York and Sydney.

The pianos of the project Play me will be installed on from March 23 to April 13, in various public spaces in Mexico City, and the Historic City Center, the corridors Juarez-Zona Rosa, Chapultepec-Polanco, Condesa-Roma , in the south of the city and the net of the Faros (Lighthouses) of the Ministry of Culture. The aim is to demonstrate that it is feasible to bring culture to the population and visitors of the city through music. The twenty pianos are intervened by artists of the Workshop La Quiñonera (Coyoacan). Each piano, reflects what music provokes to the artists of the workshop. Once the project is completed, the instruments will be donated to educational institutions that do not have music classes.

Source: ©Toca Conmigo, images: ©Leonardo Andrade

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