Learning to observe others in their daily lives was the biggest inspiration for choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch, observing them where their dance merges with life itself, giving rise to pieces that are generated from life experiences and this form invites each viewer to participate with the dancers. Each dance is a tribute to life in all its facets, each personal discovery begins a whole new piece that turns a complex full of surprising twists.

Born in 1940 in Solingen, Germany, Pina Bausch received her dance training at the Folkwang School in Essen where she managed technical excellence. Shortly thereafter, the director of the Wuppertal theaters hired as a choreographer. Since then the company gradually achieved international recognition. Bausch’s combination of poetic and everyday elements influenced the international development of dance. Pina Bausch is one of the most important choreographers of our time.

Source and pictures: ©Pina Bausch

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