The essence of Piet Mondrian’s ideas is that painting, composed of the most fundamental aspects of line and color, should be an example to the other arts to achieve a society in which art not only takes place, but be the basis of the total embodiment of beauty, representing the universal impulse and dynamics of life. Mondrian was one of the great exponents of his time, and he has successfully placed as one of the best selling artists in the world. On June 23, Sotheby’s will auction what appears to be the most expensive work of Mondrian: an oil painting of 1927 called Composition with red, blue and gray. This painting could be worth between 17 to 22 million euros, breaking its 2009 record of 21.5 million euros.

Source: ©Sotheby´s,  ©El Pais, images: ©Piet Mondrian

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