Esmahan Özkan is a talented photographer who was born in Ankara, Turkey. The young photographer stepped to the world of photography since very young, and her speciality is creating b&w images. Despite of being devoted to photography, Esmahan majored in Economics, and in 2006 she was decided to  focus on the world of the image.

Esmahan özkan

According to Esmahan Özkan, her work aims to be very emotional, so she often uses women with expressive faces and plays with light and shadow. The artist says: To me, a photograph is just like a story teller which of each unique one gets visitors to the height of their own dreams, hopes, and any feelings from life.

Esmahan özkan

Most of the shots of Esmahan Özkan include women surrounded by natural landscapes. Melancholy, according to the photographer, is indispensable and essential in her work.

Source and images: Esmahan Özkan

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