The architecture could be felt through tangible senses. The architect designs a space that is deeply rooted , as if the building of the walls represent the reconstruction of a self. All artwork can be analyzed as autobiography. “I liked going to my aunt’s garden. The knob still seems to me as a special sign of entry into a world with different scents and senses. I remember the sound of gravel under my feet, the soft sheen of waxed oak staircase” recalls Zumthor, one of the most prominent contemporary architects. Born in Switzerland, his architecture evokes senses. Its dimensions catch the viewer innovative worlds where the individual materials involved in memory and corners of texturized experiences. The Vals Spa is one of his most famous works, which can result in a fusion of Heideggerian philosophical work and Zumnthor unique style. In his manifesto, Thinking Architecture literary presents his vision of architecture. He has received several awards. The most recent was the Royal Gold Medal, in 2012.

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