The Saatchi Gallery is a British contemporary art gallery founded by Charles Saatchi in 1985 to show his private collection. Currently, it is synonymous with prestige. The artists selected to increase its collection are, according to his opinion, the best. Today, the Saatchi Gallery makes an online competition called Showdown, which aims to support artists from around the world through an exhibition dedicated to the finalists, with a financial remuneration to the first two places (US$1,000 and US  5,000 respectively) and being judged by curators and artists of great renown. A final prize is hidden behind these lines: recognition granted by this important European galleries. The competition is divided into three phases: first, artists send their production, and this will be assessed by the community and various curators. Hence, only 300 jobs will go to the second round, which will be examined by a special jury and Rebecca Wilson, chief curator of the place. Of these, 30 productions will enter the third round in which the winners will be defined.

Source and image:; Saatchi Art

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