The Outsider Art Fair, New York was founded in 1993, this is an innovative art fair, self-taught, folk and popular with visionary artists from around the world who spend their public art on a smaller scale.

This fair will take place from January 31  to February 3 2013. It will fulfill twenty years and this time will feature more than 35 art galleries in the United States, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean with more than 350 artists in different disciplines. Painting, drawing, art installation, sculpture and textiles. The first fifteen years of existence of this show were in the Puck
Building, but now has moved to Chelsea. This year there will be individual exhibitions of artist Renaldo Kuhler and one of the Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto, lectures and panel discussions by historians and curators, feature and short

The American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore, and American Folk Art Museum in New York are among sponsors of the event this year. We invite you to consult the web  here the Outsider Art Fair to have complete information.


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